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Kit Includes:

  • Vivid Rapid Mousse ($32)

             Quick color! This salon quality micro-fine rapid mousse utilizes color               theory to neutralize orange hues.  Deliberately formulated using a                     unique blend of violet and brown hue bronzers, this mousse effects a               deeper, darker, more dynamic tan.

  • Application Blending Mitt ($12)

            Whether applying self tanning Mousse, Lotion or Spray, the Norvell                  Applicator Mitt is the perfect tool. Ideal for a flawless all-over                            application, or blending at the wrists, elbows, and knees, this handy                mitt can be used again and again. Protects your hands from                              unwanted color!

  • Smooth Summer Exfoliating Mitt ($14)

            Fast and easy-to-use, the Smooth Summer tan Exfoliation Mitt is                      perfect for removing your unwanted tan so you can prepare for the                  next one. It helps to remove dead skin, revealing fresh skin beneath.                Your tan will last longer and fade more evenly if applied to freshly                      exfoliated skin. 

  • Exfoliator Body Scrub ($8)
  • Norvell Venetian Tan Extender ($8)

            A rich moisturizer, that helps brighten and firm the skin, Venetian                      gradual self tanning lotion is formulated with an effective amount of                  DHA that gradually develops sunless color intensity over multiple                      applications to build or extend a tan.

"The Ultimate" Sinless Sunless Kit

$75.00 Regular Price
$60.00Sale Price
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