• Shower and exfoliate. Use a loofah or baiden mitten and exfoliating soap if you can.  

  • Do not put any lotion, moisturizer, deodorant or make-up on.

  • Coming from work? Or have make-up and deodorant on? We got you covered. We understand not everyone is going to be able to shower and exfoliate before his or her appointment. Shower as normal and exfoliate. Lotion and deodorant is okay, as long as you put it on 3 hours before your appointment. Go a head and wear your make-up as normal. When you arrive to your appointment we will supply the needs to remove these products for your spray tan.

  • Shave or Wax BEFORE your spray tan.

  • Manis/Pedis should be done before your spray tan.

  • Bring or wear loose clothing. 


  • For best results let your spray tan soak on your skin for at least 8 hours (12 hours is best). This means no showering or any contact with water, or sweat until 8 hours has passed.   

  • Your first rinse: After your spray tan has be on for 8 hours rinse quickly, with out washing your skin. Washing your "necessary areas" is fine. Rinse with WARM, not too hot or cold water. Washing your hair is OK. But if you do not have to wash your hair, try not to. 

  • Moisturize!! It is important to moisturize every morning and every night and even in between. DO NOT moisturize with lotion that is scented or contains oil or alcohol. This will remove your tan. Lotion that is natural or organic is the way to go, use sulfate free and paraben free products. We highly recommend using the lotion made specifically for the spray tan solution put on your skin. Ask your spray tan tech for more details.

  • DO NOT take long hot showers. We recommend short warm showers to hold your tan the best. Use moisturizing soap and try to only wash necessary areas. If you can skip the shaving, do it! Your legs will stay tanner longer.

  • Avoid spraying perfume or fragrance directly to your skin. 

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